About me...

Welcome to my Personal space!

Being an Army Child had me travel a lot throughout my childhood. Born in Pune and brought up in Chandigarh(mostly). Been to a lot of cities across India. Got my Bachelor’s in Multimedia & Animation, from VIT Vellore. Worked for Internshala at GurgaonPassionate about Filmmaking and Storytelling.


Growing up I never realized you could make a living doing Art. I was always considered the Artist among the groups I traversed. Was appreciated too, won awards even. I was also a competitive student, so it was expected of me to take up the Science Stream after 10th Standard. Which was not a difficult decision as I was fascinated about Science, I still am. After finishing school, I thought I could do better in terms of my results. So I decided not to join any Engineering College right away, and opted for a Drop Year, and I don’t regret that a bit. 

Started the drop year preparing for JEE MAIN, Spent my free time watching Movies, a lot of them. Fortunately, I somehow stumbled upon Behind the Scenes of Movies, Animations, Shortfilms and Video Games. I found myself Binging on these BTS, Making of content, and learning a lot too. It opened my eyes to all the opportunities I never thought existed. It blew my mind!

So enter the Exam season, I performed poorly on JEE MAIN, didn’t even appear for a couple of Entrances. I convinced my Parents to pursue a career in Creative Streams. Reluctantly they agreed and I got myself admitted into VIT Vellore.

To be honest, at VIT I learned more by myself than from attending any class. Which became more evident when COVID happened mid College, and I was pushed further away from attending classes. But had there been no college, I would never have had the Experiences and met Friends which got me where I am today. Maybe that’s what you are supposed to get from College. IDK!

Covid brought me back home. From where it all turned around. Learned Blender, made Animations in my spare time. Also made a little Mobile Game. Got a Job at Internshala. Started Freelancing as a Digital Artist.

I Quit my Job at 22. And now I’m an aspiring Filmmaker…


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